It’s Complicated

My Show – A Discussing Programme in English and French that I will be hosting soon. This programme is aiming to discuss unheard subjects in the UK and worldwide that are educative and inspiring for others. This show will be promoted on Social Media such as: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and links from ASYABI website: and other links from students and researchers projects. In the UK I am the founder of an Association for Sickle Cell known as ASYABI initiated by me in June 2008 and under my leadership became a Registered Charity in July 2012. I am currently the Chair & Project Manager. This background based on my charitable work in the UK gives me a lot of links with people from different background in the nationwide and worldwide. Please note that since 1999 I had been involved on Sickle Cell Anaemia or Disorder (SCD) projects because I suffer of the condition known as Sickle Betathalassaemia which quiet similar to Sickle Cell Anaemia. More information about my biography can be found at: Go to the Menu Blog set by me as a blogger and click on: ‘About the Founder of ASYABI’. NB: Prior securing a place at this university; an essay with these materials were submitted by me to support my application.

Twitter: @OMmounda
Facebook name: Olivier Mmounda

Thank you!