SHCA reception in the House of Common!

On this last photo above Mr Andrew Gwynne, MP & Shadow Health Minister & Olivier Mmounda, Chair of ASYABI.

As planned the parliamentary reception organised by the Specialised Healthcare Alliance (SHCA) took place in the House of Common on 17th June 2014 under the patronage of the Honorable Andrew Gwynne, MP & Shadow Health Minister who took this opportunity during his brief speech to highlight the importance of promoting rare genetics disorder in which Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia are included. The enclosed photos show the support of Shadow Health Minister to ASYABI.

Plus, please share and support the current on-going campaign for justice leads by Mr KYE GBANGBOLA in the middle of the photo on the wheelchair. He is currently the Chair of the Sickle Cell Society in London. His wife and him only seek for justice about the recent tragically died of their son aged 7 on February 8th 2014 during the floods in Chertsey. See more at: or sign the online petition at:

On this picture on the left Olivier from ASYABI followed in the middle by the Chair of the Sickle Cell Society on the wheelchair and at the end right also holding ASYABI flier the Chair of the UK Thalassaemia.