Can Sickle Cell be cured by herbs, prayers and any other medicines?

Can Sickle Cell be cured by herbs, prayers and any other medicines?

Many patients including me had been for decades led into that illusion especially in Africa where there is the lack of proper general medical infrastructures and the lack of medical experts (haematologist doctors) specialised on Sickle Cell Disease or Anaemia (SCD) led patients with this genetic and painful not contagious condition to meet with different doctors in which each of those doctors will be prescribing them different medications which do not help at all most patients to survive and develop adequately their lives. As a result of it, most of the parents from the poor and working class are getting desperate about the condition of their kids suffering from the condition and this situation led most of them into a vulnerable circumstance in which fake pastors and fake traditional healers tell them that prayers etc. can cure their kids.

I witnessed many of my mates with Sickle Cell dying a few years later while they were using oils, etc blessed by those so called ‘Pastors’. I also witnessed many patients being called ‘witches’ by traditional herbalists. Personally my mum was told that I have the condition because she crossed a bad blood when she was pregnant of me. Therefore so called ritual incantations were done on me by some elderly who said I would be cured! But all of these were just illusions because few months later I had the crisis again. I met several and different pastors with my mum between 2008-2014. But nothing did help! In 2014 while in the high school as I joined a missionary centre within the political capital of my country of origin (Yaoundé) in Cameroon.

I was elected the Chair of the teenagers group. As I was regularly absent with a constant change on my physical aspect. This is how the vicar an Italian’s priest and some other missionary asked my younger brother as to why sometimes I was not attending meetings of the group including taking part to some competitions such as the table tennis in which I was one of the best players and should represent the group at the general competition…basically it was through my brother that they were informed that I suffer from the condition. The vicar at the time the Rev. Fr. Jean Bocchi to whom I pay tribute because he passed away a few years ago had a huge compassion for me because he never forgot a great act in which I touched his heart just a few months before he heard of my condition.

Basically it was the turn of the teenagers’ group committee to clean up his office. Four members of the committee led by its chair that I was went to clean up his office. When we finished, he called all of us and said any job done deserve a wage. Then he started from the left to the right to give ‘money’ in cash of about 50 pence to each of my mate of the group and when he came to me; I said no thank you father but it is not because I have cleaned up your office that you have to pay me. Sorry I can’t take it. Then I left. My other mates came to me later on to say you could have taken it and give it to us. I said it would be against my education.

Basically from that time this vicar heard of my condition in 1994. He called my mum and brother and said he would take care of me; my health including my education. I lost my father in 1992 when I was about to start the high school. It was that Fr who started to help me to build up my self-believe because at the time and based on the stigma around this condition. My extended family was saying that my mum was investing on me for nothing because I was going to die before or by the age of 18. So I was living to die. But Fr. Jean Bocchi constantly gave spiritual and cultural animation book for me to read as it would help in changing my perception. On some of his counselling to me, I remember him saying to me that himself he had heart problems and had to undergo for medical operations every six (6) months. But he is still alive and a priest as well and added that

I must accept my condition and to live with it so that when I am well I can do what I have to do and when unwell I am unwell because according to him he said ‘Olivier you will not die before the age of 18 as people are saying. Added they are ignored and it’s true your condition is still incurable but you can survive and do things with it. You can become a manager in the future so people can work for you when you are unwell’. Basically he did help me a lot mentally, etc prior he left Cameroon by the end of 1998. The experience he transferred to me led me by the end of 1999 to set my own charity called ‘Friend of Sickle Cell sufferers of Yaoundé’ which became a registered charity in November 2000 and I became the national chair between 2000-2003.

In June 2003 I had been invited at the Unesco in Paris (France) at the international symposium on Sickle Cell Disease. I stayed in France for a year where I wrote a small book on my life with Sickle Cell in Cameroon titled ‘To marginalise yourself by creating your own society or to accept yourself’. This book with the help of some charities in France led me to raise funds to set a medical clinic in Yaoundé at my return to Cameroon in 2004 and opened the clinic in 2005. After my arrival in the UK in 2007; and based on my previous experience in this field I set ASYABI in June 2008 in order to carry on to bring my small stone to this marginal cause. Please ladies and gentlemen do not believe on those fake pastors and traditional herbalists who claim that they cure Sickle Cell. I saw hundreds of my fellow patients dying while being under the care of such dishonest individuals.

I went through it but my condition was still the same until I was helped by missionary priests which include Rev. Fr. Tanguy Antoine to whom I pay tribute today. Those people profit from your physical and mental vulnerability. The abnormal red cells (haemoglobin S) are reproduced by the bone marrow. So you can only manage via the help of medical experts because to cure it means that a cure therapist has to be done on the bone marrow which presently isn’t possible and some scientific possible cures are still under human experience and may take years from now to come into reality.

Note that the herbal’s treatment that you also give to your child must as any treatment have second effects which in fact are not monitored in Africa meaning that any complication that may occur can put your life at risk. Please do contact ASYABI or me for further counselling and advice.

I find it offensive for patients and their families to see those manipulations on people who claim to cure this condition when actually some of them take your money to send their kids with condition abroad for proper medical follow up. Personally I have Sickle Beta-thalassaemia which is similar to Sickle Cell Disease or Anaemia (SCD). There are different forms of Sickle Cell. Thank you. See:
Made by: Olivier Mmounda A Nyam