About the Founder of ASYABI

Biography of the Founder of ASYABI Mr Olivier Mmounda A N.

Background Statement:

Graduated in 1997 in IT at Institute Superior Informatique (ISI) in the South of Cameroon. He dedicated his professional work and experience within the Sickle Cell awareness. In 1999-2003 he became a National Chairman of a Registered Charity known as ‘Association des Drepanocytaires de Yaoundé (ADY). He is a French speaker from Yaoundé (Political capital of Cameroon) where I was born in 1979 and went to Primary School and High School. ASYABI was founded by me in Leeds in June 2008 and under my leadership became a Registered Charity in July 2012. I suffer from Sickle Beta-thalassaemia which is similar to Sickle Cell Disease or Anaemia (SCD). His huge potential and experience in the field helps him to lead ASYABI as the Chair and Project Manager. ASYABI stands for ‘Association of Sickle Cell sufferers of Yorkshire and Africa and Basic Information’. My role is to lead and promote the association objectives, raising funds, filling in applications for funding, planning events of awareness with the other Trustees Members of ASYABI. His endeavours and experience in this field are appreciated nationwide in the UK by other advanced Charities in the field. I am regularly invited to represent ASYABI and for talks at other public events. In March 2010, he was trained as a Reviewer for the ‘Peer Review of UK Forum for Blood Disorders’. This training held me to travel when needed across the UK as a member of a team Review which consisted of visiting Paediatrics Units where children with sickle cell were receiving their regular care and medical follow up for reviews within those services across the UK by interviewing and exchanging with staffs and service users (patients and their families) about the care and previsions that they were receiving.

Key achievements:

1999-2003 National Chairman of a registered Charity known as “Association of Sickle Cell sufferers of Yaoundé”. 2000-2002, IT Tutor for his own company for public IT servies in Yaoundé. In June 2003, representative of Sickle Cell patients of Cameroon at the International conference on Sickle Cell at the UNESCO in Paris. Plus one year of experience exchanges with Sickle Cell Charities in France (2003-2004). 2005-2007, Manager of a small Clinic for patients with Sickle Cell in Yaoundé (political capital of Cameroon) opened by him after his return from France to Cameroon. June 2008, Founder & Chair of the Association of Sickle Cell sufferers of Yorkshire and Africa and Basic information (ASYABI). 2010-2011 Reviewer trained by the Peer Review of UK Forum for Blood Disorders (NHS). Under his leadership ASYABI is Award winner “YAMA 2010 Yorkshire African Merit Awards” in Recognition for our Valuable contribution to Not For profit Organization. See more at: www.asyabi.co.uk   


Since 1999 to 2016, as shown in the statement above with the supportive key achievement above, his work experience is varied which had involved so far different skills and knowledge such as being an IT tutor, National Chair and Manager for Sickle Cell charities. His work experience in the whole package involved many aspect such as: Face to face communication with children and adults with sickle cell, teaching, taking part to meetings at different levels with authorities, writing reports, making presentations about the realities of people affected by Sickle Cell in the UK including an international overview based on his long on-going experience as well as being their representative and spokesman at the international stage such as the UNESCO conference in Paris in June 2003. Also taking part to meetings (seminars, conferences etc.) with scientists, academic researchers and doctors in the field in the Advisory Capacity as he did previously with York University Social Studies for Anti-neonatal and parents who for the past three years had a child with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) in the UK (2013) and with Sheffield University on ‘Keeping Warm with SCD’ (2014). He had been also providing direct supports, advice to families and their affected children, filling in applications for funding as well as to organize conferences, seminars and sessions meetings to raise awareness the public about this genetic condition; making plans for the contents of leaflets, flyers, posters including writing article in ASYABI blog initiated by him for short stories in the field nationwide and worldwide.


1997-1998 Graduated in IT and Admin. 2005 Trained on Computers Maintenance. In the UK, 2009-2010 Level 2 in literacy English (equivalent of the GCSE English) and Level 1 and 2 in Numeracy (Math), IT Level 2. 2010-2011, Level 3 (A Level) Diploma on Humanity on Access to Higher Education, which involved many other topics such as, Psychology, Politic, Media, Study Skills and Open Forum. These subjects interlink well one another with a strong English literature and debates connected to these topics as well to a general knowledge, which means a very strong communication skills. 2011-2012, NVQ in Business Administration Level 2 including two Awards on Business Administration and Business Skill. I was since 2011 while pursuing the Access to Higher Academic Course given three places by three different universities in the UK.


I enjoy reading in my spare time, watching TV; educative programmes e.g. Question Time, Politic show, Andrew Mar Show, This Week, Panorama, Dispatches and films. I also enjoy writing article around Sickle Cell, debates with friends; attend social events to meet other people. I am also a blogger and hip hop singer.

Photos below are some of his previous humanitarian actions for those with Sickle Cell in Africa.